Vig Guitars has been serving the Twin Cities metro area since September 2014 and continues to grow every year.  Serving the working musicians in the area, our reputation, quality, and workmanship are well-known,  we have an AMAZING Staff of 5 Luthiers, and 3 Sales Guys with extensive Music Gear knowledge.  We are centered on Repair and Service, but we also have a wonderful variety of New and Used Instruments, as well as Pickups, Pedals, Strings, Straps, Accessories, Local Artists’ CDs, and a humongous wall of Parts so you can customize your instruments!!  Ted’s been handwinding Pickups, and they are flying out the door! Stop by, we’d love to see ya!

Oh hey!!  We won SILVER for Minnesota’s Best Music Instrument Store 2021!!!

234816255_347330473539667_8318273133052250794_n124821656_3637579906303306_4340055719681186710_o Musicians for Musicians! Stop by!

Ted Vig
It all started for Ted in the 4th grade when he started taking guitar lessons and decided this is what he wanted to do with his life. He’s been in love with the guitar ever since, although he plays bass, banjo, and a little mandolin as well. In high school he landed his first job in a music store. That was Wetterlund Guitars in Northfield, MN. Ted did some basic guitar work while he was there. He left to pursue music school and ended up attending Red Wing for Guitar construction and repair. After graduating in 1993, he took over Wetterlund guitars, which had changed it’s name to Centerfield Music. He owned and operated the store until 1998 when the allure of the big city took hold. He moved to Minneapolis and worked at music stores in the area doing sales and repair until 2002 when he decided to do repairs full time. He had a pickup/ dropoff service through several stores in the area over the next few years. Around 2005 he partnered up with My Music Store in Golden Valley, MN doing all of their repairs. He built a large following for his talents repairing instruments over the next 10 years there. It was at this point Ted and Angie decided to hang out their shingle and open Vig Guitars! Over the last couple years, Ted has been winding guitar and bass pickups and getting much acclaim for it! All pickups are custom wound to your spec. He’s happy to have a conversation with you and help guide you on your tone journey!

20160327_190931 (2)

Angie is the lead singer for Bad Lucky Band and has been performing for many years in the Twin Cities metro area.  She is half-the-brains behind the success of Vig Guitars.  Running this shop with her husband Ted is extremely rewarding, and is proof that dreams do come true.  She tries to get out as much as she can to support all the local musicians, and if you see her taking a picture of you, she’s probably just trying to get a good one so she can put you on the wall at the shop!  She loves getting to know her customers, so be prepared to chit-chat over a cup of coffee!  She is very proud to be a part of the Twin Cities Music Community.


Nick Marren-Graduated from Minnesota State College Southeast Tech (Red Wing) in 2016 for Guitar Repair and Building, Development and Production, he has since worked at another great shop in town and made the decision to move over here! He does impeccable work and adds brightness to the shop! He’s really into the music of Jack White and Isaac Brock and it’s fun to listen to him play the guitars in here!  Stop in and say Hi!

WIN_20220625_14_02_47_ProEveryone WELCOME Charlie Milkey!!
Charlie specializes in Bass, also plays Guitar and is a Visual Artist!
He plays with a variety of Bands in town and simply LOVES to make Music and talk about Bass and everything Music, and some of his favorite Bands are Cream, and Sigur Ros.
He went to UW-Superior, and is originally from Wisconsin (so, the upcoming football season should be pretty fun here)


This is Jonah Esty, and he is a Bassist.
Recently graduated from Macalester College, where he studied Music, he’s in a few different bands, and into Metal and Jazz Fusion.
He also plays Guitar and Keys. He also mentioned that he will start removing those extra 2 strings on the guitars here…LOL!
Originally from the Philly area, but has been in MN since 2018


Leonard Shapiro is here!! (aka Moses Oakland in the Performing world) but all of you players who have had their work done by him, know him as the one and only Leonard Shapiro

Don’t FRET, he didn’t disappear…his building was bought by a company that had different plans.  You’ll catch this wonderful guy here a few days a week!  We are so happy to have him and his almost 30 years of experience and expertise.  Fine Fellow, that Guy.

DSCN0426 (2)                                                                          Andrew Ogilvie is here!  He graduated from Minnesota State College Southeast Tech in Redwing for Guitar Repair and Building in 2017.  He went to work for Riff City right out of the gate! He is a great addition to our Phenomenal Repair Team!  He really likes  electronics and wiring, and he’s a Twin! How cool is that?!

240396982_4430010420393580_4340420694970840626_nNewest addition to the Luthier team here!  Fresh out of the Mn State Southeast Tech Guitar Building Program!!  Antonio Carvale!  We have known Antonio and his family for about 20 years and we knew that he was going to further his Music Career with Lutherie!!  Stop by and Say Hi!!!

We continually strive to ensure that every instrument is optimized to their owners’ unique preferences.  Please inquire about our customization and optimization services!